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Back Workout

There’s nothing quite as stunning as a well developed back: muscles twisting everywhere like a road map, wide lats like a jet plane, and the lower back lit up like a Christmas tree.

For me, a defined, fully developed back is one of the most amazing things in all if bodybuilding.

Training the back can be quite a challenge because many people cannot feel the back muscles working when they train. This is very common because you can’t see the back and your biceps are heavily involved in all back exercises.

I used to be like most other gym-goers; focus on training the muscles everyone CAN see and neglect the ones they can’t. We spend all our time focusing on the chest, shoulders, and biceps yet we tend to neglect the back and legs as a result.

And aside from just not taking their back workout seriously, most people end up choosing the wrong combination of back exercises. This is a huge mistake since well-developed and proportionate back muscles contribute A LOT to an aesthetic physique.

Luckily, I realized this and finally started putting more thought and effort into my back workout routine. It was only once I started incorporating the evidence-based back exercises you’ll see in this video that I started noticing significant improvements.

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